Spectrum of Hope



We at Average Joe Music, Born Again Entertainment, and all of our Friends are very happy to be involved with the Spectrum Of Hope Project! We hope that our music brings Happiness, Imaginative thought, and HOPE to all who listen to it!

It brings us the utmost joy to use music as a bridge to take us from our little corner of Texas, to your corner of Canada! Every bit of HOPE that we may bring you…is doubled back our way and creates HOPE for us as well! You are making a difference in OUR lives just by listening to us…and we thank you from the deepest part of our hearts.

And without any Further Delay… Your Soundtrack for Spectrum of Hope!


Space(Spectrum Edition)


In My Zone(Spectrum Edition)


26/9(Spectrum Edition)


Runaway(Spectrum Edition) Featuring Tex-T of Kopasetik Records

Download Links Below!

Space (Spectrum Edition)

In My Zone (Spectrum Edition)

26/9 (Spectrum Edition)

Runaway (Spectrum Edition)

Big Joe, Lil Red, Lazz

The Fight

What’s Good?

Sometimes in life we find ourselves fighting for various reasons. Sometimes its a physical thing.. drunken fist fights, Some young gym rat talked to your girl the wrong way, you talked to some giants girl the wrong way, or you flirted with a girl while on a date with your wife…etc..and then a physical fight breaks out right?

Of course it does..haha!

Now, being an Irish blooded American myself, you can imagine that I find a good fight as an ordinary thing.. but there is another kind of fight that can bring even a viking to their knees.

You vs You.

No… I don’t mean like selecting your made up fighter to fight himself on a video game. I also don’t mean as in fight club either..

Its that occasional conversation inside I’m speaking of.

That long look into a mirror that allows your soul to be reflected back to you. The honest conversation in your heart.. acknowledging and taking responsibility for the good and the bad in our nature. It is also what allows you to face your “demons” or deal with the proverbial skeletons in the closet.

Sometimes the fight we face is an exterior one. A perceived evil, an injustice, a bully, etc. However even if you are literally standing In a ring with your gloves laced up, looking across into the eyes of your opponent..inside of you is where the real fight begins.

Now… there is one last kind of fight that I would like to address..

10 Seconds..

Emotionally, spiritually, financially, physically… we all at times have, or will experience an intended Knockout Blow. Or more than one if you are anything like me. We will be flat on our backs, or laid out face first In the dirt. Our thoughts treading water, the light growing ever dim..and then you hear it..

*Distantly* “One!”

Staying down here on the ground seems real safe…


Everybody is watching…there is no shame in it.. didn’t they see that blow?


Does this guy count any faster? I just want this to be over!

As the counting continues… you make a pivotal decision. Do you stay down?

I bet if you asked any professional fighter they would tell you that in those 10 seconds they are down… the fight inside of themselves is exponentially more intense than the one taking place in the ring..


Wait a minute… my legs are coming back to me..


I’ve always got one more round left…


Get up you son of a bitch! I didn’t hear No bell!

Take it from someone who has spent a good part of his life finding reserves in those “10 Second” times…

Never quit on you… the fight is never over… you can and WILL finish the fight. It is what you were born to do.



Let The Screw Bang!

If you haven’t heard “The Difference” with Red and Lazz you are missing out on one of the best jammers on the 101 Mixtape.

Lil Red and Lazz KILL this remix to J Cole and Missy Elliot’s hit.

Press Play and DL the 101 Mixtape for free!


There’s something about Mary

If you are old, young, tall, short, black, white, Muslim, Christian, Jew, or Gentile…

I think we can all agree with Mr Red and Big Joe… that there’s just something about Mary…

Happy 4:20 4/20 four-twenty!


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Sept 13th at Toc Bar!

What’s Good World?

Friday September 13th at Toc Bar We will be taking the stage along with several other artists doing it for the Local Underground!

We would love to see all of the Average Joe Music/Born Again Ent fam, friends, and supporters out there!

The homie Conflict of SPC2G is putting this show together, also the homie KO of SPC2G will be there, Masterminds, FaSho, and several other talented folks.

Make your plans and mark your calenders Average Joe family… Let’s roll out early and pack the parking lot! This means YOU!

Bring a friend, and tell them to bring a friend! Bring the homies, the Hoeskis, The Droskis, and lets show em how we do Fam!

I hope  you’re ready TOC Bar… Average Joe Music/Born Again Ent
..we’re luckiest on Friday the 13th!

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“101 The Mixtape” Brought to you by Average Joe Music/Born Again Ent.

Average Joe Music, and Born Again Entertainment are proud to present, for your Downloading and Jamming pleasures…


“101 The Mixtape”

Download the Full Zipped Version:


Or Preview and Download from your PC and Smartphone one track at a time:

101 Intro(Q&A Preview)


Fresh Off ft. Red and Big Joe

High In The Sky

Lyrical Warfare Ft. Guitar by A. Puskus

On This Road Ft. Big Joe and West Ave

She ft. Lil Red & Lazz

The Hit Ft. Red and Big Joe

Spinning Clouds ft. Big Joe & Lil Red

Somethin About Mary Ft. Red and Big Joe

The Difference ft. Lazz & Lil Red

The Shipment

Southeast ft. Red, Lazz, and Ave Rich


Pushing back the “Q & A”…But fear not

What’s Good Fam?

We recently discovered while compiling the Questions and Answers album that we have a bunch of unheard/unreleased tracks! So, We are going to bring in the Album with a free Mixtape! The “101” Mixtape will be available for free Download the last weekend of July, and Hard copies will be available within a few weeks. To our Friends, Fam, Fans, Fellow artists..and yeah..even the haters… This is for YOU!


-joe 101 Mixtape Intro